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Il nuovo Bingo Blitz è pronto per essere scaricato sul tuo cellulare!

Open iTunes and download free apps –>  click on the picture to download the game  >>>>


Sii il vero Re della giungla di Wild Tiger!
BINGO Blitz è il  numero 1 dei giochi online stile arcade. In questo gioco colorato e superbamente animato in tempo reale, i giocatori usano potenziamenti, monete e punti esperienza per raggiungere bingos e completare i molti obiettivi in-game.
Scegli tra una vasta gamma di Bingo camere a tema nello stile di diversi paesi di tutto il mondo, puoi competere sia da solista che in squadre per sbloccare tutti gli elementi di raccolta e le Camere Bingo!
Gioca gratis al premiato BINGO & Slots! Bingo Blitz mescola classico e Slot con emozionanti caratteristiche di gioco potenziante, colleziona oggetti e fai punteggi, scarica Bingo Blitz oggi!
Più bingo e più divertimento…
Tutto il mondo da assaporare con i vostri sensi passando di città in città utilizzando la mappa di Bingo.
Riproduzione di contenuti stagionali e bonus, divertenti modelli di bingo, versamenti più alti, le chiamate di palla più veloci, e molto altro ancora!

BINGO Blitz è il miglior gioco da scaricare su mobile e sopratutto è GRATIS!



Watch the preview of  BINGO Blitz

Play anywhere, anytime!
Play your favorite game on, iPad, iPhone & Android!

BINGO Blitz With A Twist!
Fast-paced games mixed with arcade-style features create a unique bingo experience.

More Ways To Play!
15 International Rooms with unique goals and collections!

Compete Head To Head!
Play in the daily tournaments against friends and enemies for high scores and game items.
Use teamwork to collect rare items, complete rooms, and level up.

More BINGO Players!
Play with nearly a million daily players from around the world!

Slots, Blackout, Lotería, AND MORE!
5 different game styles!

New rooms, new features, new contests updated regularly!


Customer Reviews
Cali Lee. Best Bingo game ever * * * * * 
by b_haven
since Blitz has been bought out the changes that have been made benefit the players more than any other bingo game I’ve played. trust me I’ve played almost all of them. it is much easier to get all your collection items gifting to friends couldn’t be any easier unless someone did it for you. The more rooms you complete the more free credits you get daily. The seasonal Rooms give you a chance to complete a room quickly with a good amount of credits to play you regular rooms. the slots are a blast . There’s something for everyone in this game. Great work bingo blitz I definitely suggest everyone should download and play this game it’s free you don’t have to buy credits unless you want to. The best bingo game anywhere on the Internet !! try it !!

!!!!! * * * *
by Pipology101
Luv’n me some bingo blitz!! I just wish you would either make it cheaper to buy cards or come up with something as to where we can get more credits daily! By the time someone plays 2-3 rounds we/they are broke!!!! Yes I have a few “friends” who I trade stuff with but come on..,.3 power ups verses 1 credit??!!! I have oodles of power ups.. Since we can buy them with our coins…. You should let us purchase credits w/our coins!!! Also, I know its the “FREE” tournament, but u give out some things but u don’t give any credits for having a bingo!!!???? Could be a start!!! I really enjoy playing for the most part, but it would be a lot more fun it there were just some minor changes. 

Fed up with purchase and not winning * * * * *
by BGL3
Seems like when I buy I never win is that to make me spend more .this getting outrageous.!!!! Now I bought didn’t get my 799 which was to be 80 credits now my guest page is showing as my face book sent in ticket for this already.i love bingo blitz I just don’t understand why so manyroblems for me can hardly ever finish s room help me get all this straighten out thank youNOTHing I have asked u have even been looked ar WHERE IS THE UNINSTALL BUTTON I FILL I JUST BEEING TAKEN ALMOST two weeks now why not give me my 799 BACK AND TAKE THIS GAME SND SHOVE IT I YOUSTO LOVE BINGO BLITZ BUT NOW YOUR COMPAny don’t value us anymore can find whereTELL ME HOW TO UN IN STALL CANT FIND BUTTO


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