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Microsoft has announced that the new  Fallout 4 Xbox One is devoted entirely to pre-order this week at a cost of $ 399 will be released on November 10, 2015, in addition to the Xbox mentioned it contains a hard disk 1 TB and a copy of Fallout 4, also the ability to download a copy of Fallout 3 for Xbox 360 on Xbox One usable due to backward compatibility

What makes it so special Fallout 4 Xbox One ? The passion of its developers, according to Jeff Gardiner, lead producer of the game.
In creating the new chapter the protagonist is fully expressed, so the search of the actor and actress for this role has been particularly extensive.

“We want to play games and it’s fantastic”, game director Todd Howard, thus summarizing the philosophy of Bethesda he said.

Character short previews of Fallout 4 Xbox One
Before starting to talk about Fallout 4 Xbox One  it would be useful to make a brief summary of the origins: Fallout from the late nineties the post-apocalyptic genre become an icon of RPGs.

Quickly summarize the plot of the first Fallout.
The events take place in the year 2077 and see that China and the United States at war with each other to gain the ultimate sources of oil and uranium. After a long period of fighting, the two military superpowers decide to use nuclear weapons to destroy the world by throwing into chaos. Before this can happen, the US government is building shelters in the depths of the earth is called Vault, these shelters will save only a part of the civilian population from nuclear explosions and radiation poisoning.

In this scenario the figure of the Child Vault, whose name derives from these shelters. Vault Boy himself as a young boy wearing a yellow suit and blue, which will become the symbol of a game that would make history.

As for the new chapter of Fallout 4 Xbox One, the story would take place in the arid areas of North America, where once stood Boston.
Throughout his adventure the main character will have the support of various figures, which will allow the Child Vault to survive in a setting steeped in danger and adversity.
These figures highlight his faithful canine Dogmeat, designed by a German shepherd levels chief designer Joel Burgess, raising the fans of the saga of a strong curiosity.
The animal has been designed so that all their movements and expressions are as faithful as possible to reality. In this sense know more we can do is wait for the release date scheduled for November 10, 2015.



Fallout 4 Xbox One – GAMEPLAY

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